Cocoon Maldives and You & Me Maldives to host La Dolce Vita Gourmet Week

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Cocoon Maldives and You & Me Maldives are set to host the second edition of their Gourmet Week events. Dubbed ‘La Dolce Vita,’ the series of events celebrate the sweet life. 

Led by The Cocoon Collection’s Corporate Executive Chef Giovanni De Ambrosis, the culinary journey will be hosted along with Andrea Berton, the Michelin-starred chef who curated the H2O underwater restaurant at You & Me Maldives. 

From 20 to 22 March, guests catch Chef Giovanni in action at Cocoon Maldives and taste the famous artisan Cocoon focaccia served with bresaola, truffle honey touch, balsamic truffle pearl and fresh Maltagliati buckwheat pasta, served with truffle butter and aged parmigiano Reggiano.

From 25 to 27 March, guests at You & Me Maldives will have the chance to savour the piquant taste of Risotto Carnaroli, truffle and lime zest. 

Chef Giovanni will also do a cooking show where he will share his secret recipe to make a perfect white snapper tartare with truffle and mango concasse. He will also delight the taste buds with one of the most unique, rich and luxurious ingredients: truffles.  

From 29 April to 6 May, the culinary journey continues with chef Andrea Berton. During his visit, Chef Berton will treat guests to a sunset aperitif at the Shisha Lounge at You & Me Maldives. 

In the Gourmet Week finale, guests can seize the opportunity to learn his cooking masterpiece surrounded by rich underwater life at the resort’s underwater restaurant. 

Chef Roberto Balgisi, the Executive Chef at Grand Hotel Alassio, hosted the first set of the gourmet weeks from 16 to 22 February. At Cocoon Maldives, guests enjoyed his gastronomic creations at the Octopus restaurant, as well as a set of à la carte delights on the menu at its fine dining restaurant Manta. 

At You & Me Maldives, he brought a special addition to the dinner menu at The Sand restaurant. The set was closed with a cooking show by chef Roberto Balgisi and chef Giovanni De Ambrosis – casarecce pasta with Ligurian Pesto – served by the beach with Artisan Burrata and a stunning view of the crystal-clear turquoise lagoon.  

The Cocoon Collection gourmet week events always promise a truly memorable experience of an unparalleled culinary journey with exceptional cuisine from our special invitee chefs. True to the Italian tradition and philosophy, to embody a life immersed in enjoying the little moments passionately as the guests relax and unwind in their cocoon.”