Soneva Fushi unveils Maldives’ first coral spawning lab 

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Images via @discoversoneva

Soneva Fushi has unveiled AquaTerra, a conservation hub that brings together sustainability, science and rare experiences under one roof. 

Established by the Soneva Foundation, the state-of-the-art centre aims to host cutting-edge scientific research and to educate guests about the local ecosystem through a range of inspirational experiences.

AquaTerra houses Maldives’ first spawning and rearing laboratory, developed with the team from Coral Spawning Lab, to conduct assisted evolution and create heat resilient super corals, as well as a 3D-Printing laboratory to produce coral substrate.

Later this year, the Soneva Foundation will also fund the installation of a micro-fragmenting laboratory with 28 outdoor tanks that can produce up to 100,000 corals per year, as well as live streaming cameras with fish recognition software at the coral nursery, to combine with live data from a SmartBuoy.