Patina Maldives to mark second anniversary with wellness series

3 mins read

To celebrate its second anniversary, Patina Maldives, Fari Islands is set to launch the inaugural event of its new Pathways: Halo series of events that seek to stimulate and nurture lasting personal transformations, habitualising new lifestyle practices and imbuing guests’ lives with greater depth and intention. 

From ancient spiritual practices to the fast-moving frontiers of biohacking, guests staying at Patina Maldives, Fari Islands from 2 to 3 June will explore new avenues to emotional, physical and intellectual harmony during an inspirational weekend. 

“This inaugural event marks an ambitious evolution of the overall guest experience at Patina Maldives; an opening up of myriad interconnected journeys that weave through signature Pathways: Halo events, an enriching cycle of Collaborations with visiting specialists, and perennial weekly resort activities,” said Antonio Saponara, General Manager of Patina Maldives, Fari Islands. 

Encompassing a selection of complimentary programming and premium personalised sessions, ‘Experience as Healing’ will convene leaders in psychosocial health, nutritional science and esoteric practices, encouraging seasoned yogis and curious dabblers alike to unfold, unfurl and open the hidden doors within in pursuit of transformative healing. 

Freely available to resort guests, the all-access programme opens with a sound healing ritual and ‘Learning to Breathe’ session, as LA-based sound meditation and breathwork practitioner, Avery Whitmore, encourages participants to ground, reorientate and re-attune themselves to the natural rhythms of their bodies.

A welcome reception hosted by award-winning ambassador for positive drinking, Claire Warner, will inspire guests to embrace no-and low-alcohol beverages. Guests open to embracing lifestyle change will gain the confidence and motivation to appreciate natural ingredients, ethical production values and health benefits alongside more conventional considerations. 

Other highlights of the weekend range from conceptual communal dining experiences, including a plant-based breakfast at Patina Maldives’ signature restaurant, Roots; to morning yoga, and personalised ‘My Pathways’ masterclasses. Guests can also learn to unlock their creativity by exploring the art, science and new paths towards better sleep with digital wellness expert and global healthcare futurist Tony Estrella. 

“When technology wasn’t interrupting the natural rhythms of our body – when we lived by the seasons, by the sun and the moon – we were much more in tune. An example and practice in increasing demand is breathwork, a method of controlled breathing that has its origins in the ancient yogic exercise of Pranayama. In the elevated state of mind, we ascend toward a more invigorating world, taking on a universal perspective,” said Jinou Park, Creative Director of the ‘Experience as Healing’ event.

 “The notion of experience as medicine, medicine that plays a transformative role to ground, re-orientate and heal, is taking root.”