LUX* South Ari to host Wellness Week

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LUX* South Ari Atoll is set to host its annual Wellness Week for guests and team members from 3 to 10 June.

This year’s Wellness Week Champions come from the UK, bringing along years of experience in fitness and healthy lifestyle coaching. 

Olivia Jarvis, known for her delicious fitness recipes as well as her engaging workouts, and Mason Caton-Brown, professional rugby player and renowned fitness trainer, will invite guests to discover their own fitness capabilities. Guests can join curated group activities or individual training programmes. They will also host the #DanceMagenta-themed Global Wellness Day celebration on 10 June. 

The resort’s signature LUX* ME concept “originates from a desire to bring wellness into everyday rituals.”

“It is all about a personalised approach to wellbeing, whether it be spa, fitness, yoga, meditation, nutrition or a unique combination of all  crafted to every guest’s needs,” the resort said. 

“The holistic approach behind the LUX* ME wellness concept means a vacation can comprise yoga, fitness  classes and meditation as well as enjoying nourishing Keen on Green dishes, vitamin D from the sun and fun time outdoors. Knowing how limiting a one-size-fits-all mindset is, the resort offers individual consultations and bespoke programmes. The therapists are trained to tune in to individual bodily needs; total relaxation, detoxification and healing.”