Lily Beach Resort celebrates Global Wellness Day, World Oceans Day, World Environment Day

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Lily Beach Resort & Spa celebrated Global Wellness Day, World Oceans Day, and World Environment Day this month. The resort invited the students of Alif Dhaalu Kumburudhoo School to participate in the resort’s programmes.

On World Environment Day, the resort’s team organised an island-wide clean-up and tree planting. 

To commemorate World Ocean Day, the resort extended an invitation to guests and students for a captivating movie marathon that celebrated nature and highlighted the importance of conservation. 

“This immersive experience served as a catalyst, fostering a deep understanding among the audience regarding their ability to make a meaningful impact in safeguarding our precious environment,” the resort said. 

A guided tour of the resort’s ‘back-of-house’ areas was also conducted for the students, during which they posed questions regarding the sewage system and the methods employed to treat and repurpose wastewater.

An art class was also conducted for the students, led by the resort’s in-house artist Sirey. The class aimed to inspire the students to harness the wonders of nature as a wellspring of artistic inspiration, encouraging them to unleash their creative potential. The guests were also gifted reusable water tumblers. 

Certified divers participated in a dedicated reef cleaning session while avid snorkellers and beginners alike joined forces for a lagoon clean-up.

On 10 June, the resort marked Global Wellness Day by inviting guests to join a morning yoga class to awaken the body and mind, followed by detox drinks and healthy snacks. A kayak race was held for guests in the afternoon. The day continued with children’s yoga, a special healthy cooking class and wellness-related activities for the guests. 

As part of the celebrations, the resort also announced a collaboration with local kombucha brand Saibrew. The drink will be included in its Platinum Plan and available throughout the year. 

“We firmly believe in the potential of the new generations to safeguard our ocean ecosystems. Every one of us can make a difference, even throughout the smallest of daily actions,” said Laurent Driole, General Manager.

“With these activities the resort renews its commitment on sustainability and good governance as the current steward of the island of Huvahendhoo. Not only that, but the resort also made the experiences a fun time for all guests, whereby they had the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities such as reef cleaning and lagoon clean-ups, fostering a sense of responsibility and empowerment in safeguarding the precious natural resources,” the resort said.