Hanimaadhoo announces lease of land for tourism businesses

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The Haa Dhaalu Hanimaadhoo island council has announced the lease of land for tourism businesses from the Hanimaadhoo Tourism Zone. 

The council offered the lease of four plots of 10,000 square feet each for 30 years and eight plots of 5000 square feet each for 40 years, according to the announcement published on 6 July.

Interested parties were invited to attend information sessions to be held on 20 July and 24 July. According to the announcement, interested parties can submit bids for the plots on 3 August (for the 10000sq feet plots) and 6 August (for the 5000sq feet plots).

In January, a US$136 million project was inaugurated to expand and modernize the Hanimaadhoo International Airport in the northernmost atoll. The project involves the construction of a new 2.46km highway and a terminal with the capacity to serve 1.3 million passengers annually. It is expected to be completed and in operation by 2024. 

The government hailed the airport development as a “transformational” project that would “increase tourism facilities, including guesthouses and city hotels, drive job creation in the northern atolls, and transform the region into an economic hub.”