JOALI Maldives to host Epicurean Delights series with visiting culinary experts

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JOALI Maldives is partnering with the finest culinary experts from around the world for a celebration of gastronomy and culinary artistry.

Over the course of the coming months, the resort promises a range of events curated to elevate the stay at the property.

The resort is well-known for its diverse range of dining options to choose from; throughout the year, guests can savour Japanese-Peruvian cuisine, Italian cuisine, and Levantine cuisine. In addition to this, the resort also has noteworthy seasonal experiences, such as the recent pop-up of Le Petit Chef, an immersive theatrical dining experience. 

According to JOALI Maldives, this exclusive series of collaborations aims to bring exceptional flavours to the discerning palates of the resort’s esteemed patrons and explore the joys of gastronomy.

The series will feature a rotation of acclaimed chefs and culinary connoisseurs, each bringing their expertise, unique styles, and creations. 

11 August 2023 – La Scolca Wine Dinner

JOALI Maldives will host an exclusive wine dinner with Wine Maker and CEO Chiara Soldati, featuring a meticulously curated wine selection from La Scolca. 

The premium wines from La Scolca paired with a menu crafted specially for the dinner by the world-class chefs of JOALI Maldives is guaranteed to elevate the dining experience.  

14 October – Sake Dinner

Partnering with renowned Japanese Sake breweries such as Shirataki, Tochikura and Ginrei Gassan, JOALI Maldives invites guests for a special sake dinner. The breweries are selected based on their craftsmanship and innovation, and brewing techniques. Set in the Japanese-Peruvian restaurant of the resort – Saoke – the dinner is sure to transport guests through a nostalgic journey of Japanese heritage on Maldivian shores. 

15 to 22 October 2023 – Ekaterina Alehina

Ekaterina Alehina is the founder-chef of Biologie in Moscow and the first female chef in Russia to be awarded a Michelin star. Based on the concept of “circular gastronomy”, Biologie serves mindful recipes with a strong accent on sustainability. 

Chef Alehina will be at JOALI Maldives from 15to 22 October 2023, and guests can enjoy a specially-curated experience with her during this period. 

15 to 22 November 2023 – Theodor Falser 

Multi award-winning Michelin star recipient Chef Theodor Falser has worked closely with JOALI Maldives, having been the culinary consultant for the resort’s Italian restaurant – Bellinis. Chef Theodor is passionate about wild herbs and regional products, and throughout his remarkable career, he has discovered different tastes from a variety of cultures.

JOALI Maldives will welcome back Chef Theodor from 15 to 22 November 2023 and March 2024, allowing guests to indulge in his exquisite creations once again. 

18 to 25 December 2023 – Nina Tarasova

With over 10 years of experience in the culinary sphere, Chef Nina Tarasova is a well-known for her confectionary skills. She trained in France but works in Russia and frequently represents the country in different international festivals and forums. Chef Tarasova also conducts training and masterclasses both in Russia and abroad. 

From 18 to 25 December, Chef Tarasova will join JOALI Maldives to celebrate the festive season in style.

10 to 17 January 2024 – Alex Webb

After impressing the world with his showstopping dishes on BBC’s ‘MasterChef: The Professionals’, trailblazing Chef Alex Webb ultimately won the show in 2020. His main mantra is “food should be an experience”, and his dishes are well-known for its creative flair and presentation. 

From 10 to 17 January 2024, guests can embark on an extraordinary culinary journey with Chef Webb as he draws inspiration from travels and the nostalgic flavours of his childhood. A unique culinary experience awaits all guests at JOALI Maldives. 

20 to 27 February 2024 – Hidemasa Yamamoto

Hailing from Japan and trained in France and Italy, Chef Yamamoto has garnered multiple culinary accolades during his illustrious career including multiple Michelin-star ratings. His dishes are well known for their exquisite flavours and meticulous attention to detail. Chef Yamamoto has worked closely with JOALI Maldives, curating the menu at Saoke, the resort’s acclaimed Japanese-Peruvian Restaurant.

“The line-up of experts spanning the following months promises an unparalleled celebration of culinary excellence. Each expert brings in a range from contemporary interpretation to traditional classics, promising gustatory delights that is sure to elevate your stay.” JOALI Maldives said.