Pullman Maldives Maamutaa hosts Aqua Week

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Pullman Maldives Maamutaa resort hosted its Aqua Week from 24 July to 30 July. Throughout the week-long event, guests engaged in aqua-themed activities and marine educational entertainment capturing the spirit of Maamutaa Island.

Aqua Week is part of Pullman’s yearly celebrations, known as Pillar Weeks. This year’s theme was “Maamutaa: Where Mermaids Meet,” highlighting the resort’s strong connection to the ocean and its wonders. During the week, the resort transformed into a lively hub of underwater exploration and dedication to protecting marine life. 

Pullman’s ‘mermaid queen’ and dive center manager, Mara Restelli, brought a touch of magic to the Aqua Villa with a fantasy mermaid performance. Mara’s graceful underwater ballet reignited the mystery of the ocean, captivating everyone present with her under-the-sea displays. Guests had the opportunity to take photos with and engage with the mermaid queen.

Aqua Week also featured engaging and enlightening sushi master classes. Guided by Pullman’s skilled chefs, participants delved into the art of crafting sushi, from rolling and dressing. The course seamlessly intertwined culinary artistry with ocean-conscious practices, fostering a unique educational experience.

For those seeking exhilaration, the Aqua Relay race provided high-octane entertainment, merging running, kayaking, and paddling. Teams of guests and staff enthusiastically competed, boosting camaraderie and a spirited atmosphere. While guests relished in in-villa floating breakfast rewards, the victorious staff enjoyed an exclusive team dinner. The Beach Fortress-Building competition witnessed creative prowess as guests fashioned whimsical sandcastles, vying for a craved floating breakfast or in-villa breakfast reward. This family-friendly event exemplified Pullman Maldives’ commitment to creating cherished, shared memories.

The resort’s Mélange Deck transformed into a charming outdoor cinema, offering an excellent spot for guests to enjoy ocean-themed movies. To make the evening interactive, Pullman’s marine biologist started each film with a 10-minute talk about marine life, followed by fun Kahoot games and prizes. Guests eagerly joined in, adding a playful touch to the movie night. The Kahoot games mixed entertainment with learning, creating a friendly atmosphere among everyone.

According to the resort, its collaboration with the Vilingili Educational Center was another pinnacle of the event. The resort welcomed ten students, two council members, and a parent, partaking in an immersive academic journey guided by the resident marine biologist, Sara De Nicolo. Engaging marine biology presentations, interactive quizzes, and a captivating mermaid show fanned the enthralling wonders of ocean ecosystems. 

“This initiative embodies Pullman Maldives’ dedication to nurturing a passion for marine conservation among the youth, signifying our unwavering commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism,” Pullman Maldives Maamutaa said. 

“As the echoes of Aqua Week resonate through Maamutaa Island, Pullman Maldives Maamutaa remains steadfast in its pursuit of crafting unforgettable memories for guests, interweaving leisure with ocean consciousness, and infusing sustainability into every facet of the experience.”

Pullman’s upcoming pillar week event, FITWeek, will take place from 2 to 8 October, featuring a dynamic lineup including explosive full-body power burn workouts, transformative warrior flow sessions, aerial and floating yoga classes, nature meditation sessions, engaging workshops on various topics, and strategic activations with renowned fitness experts.