COMO Cocoa Island offers realignment journey with visiting practitioner Julian Eymann 

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COMO Cocoa Island is inviting guests to embark on a COMO Journey with visiting practitioner Julian Eymann. From 1 October to 30 November, Eymann will guide guests through a series of wellness experiences.

“Consisting of various therapies and a conversation in which you can learn more about trigger-point therapy, this journey will transform your approach to wellness. Eymann’s methods will help you to free yourself from deep muscle pain, in order to achieve a sense of physical and emotional wellbeing,” the resort said.

Julian Eymaan will be offering these treatments during his residency:

Trigger-point Therapy: The fastest and most direct way of identifying and working on very specific points on the body, trigger-point therapy targets areas which were affected by inflammation and helps to uncover areas where tight muscles restrict movement. As part of the therapy, Eymann works through your entire body with rocking motions, moving all major joints, ligaments and tendons.

Structural Realignment: This treatment targets every major joint in your body, and aims to help move energy through your body by applying sufficient pressure where it is needed. This will help to realign your joints, and loosen stiff ligaments, helping you to emerge feeling younger, lighter and with better posture than before.

Deep-tissue and Sports Massage: This massage uses a combination of treatments that create a unique effect that is both anti-ageing and helps you feel lighter. With firm strokes, tightness around old injuries and in your muscles; as well as stiffness in your joints, are all relieved. This massage also aims to help realign your muscles and connective tissue, helping to reduce risk of future injury.

Guests can also engage in a COMO Conversation where Eymann will share more of his background and experience, followed by a Q&A session. He will also offer complimentary trigger-point yoga sessions every Friday at 8am, combining movement and mindfulness to enhance their wellness journey.

The resort’s COMO Shambhala Retreat, located at the heart of the island, covers one-third of the entire island. A variety of holistic wellness services are available, including yoga, Pilates, meditation, and spa treatments that help guests rejuvenate their mind, body, and soul.