JA Manafaru celebrates World Sustainability Day

3 mins read

To mark World Sustainability Day (26 October), the team at JA Manafaru hosted a series of engaging and fun activities for guests and staff.  

The day started with a short boat ride to the picturesque uninhabited island of Medhafushi, a popular castaway destination for guests who wish to slip off the resort and enjoy a real castaway experience. Guests and staff teamed up and collected the flotsam and jetsam rubbish JA Manafaru uses to recycle through its ‘Ocean Bound Plastic’ programme, making bags and other items for guests from such waste material. 

Next was the island team artistic ‘Upcycling Competition’. Sculptures and fascinating creations were made from waste that would normally end up in land fills. With huge number of amazing concepts from each of the departments, winning designs were awarded from Landscaping, Front Office and Kitchen departments.  

Following the competition, guests were invited to an educational Walking Tour to learn about all JA Manafaru’s sustainability initiatives. Part of this was the usable gardens as part of its ‘Homegrown’ programme. According to the resort, growing produce helps the team reach its sustainability goals by decreasing packaging waste, reducing air miles as well as providing guests with the most nutritious food. Salad greens, bananas, oyster mushrooms and other herbs are grown at JA Manafaru’s gardens. 

Guests were also welcomed to the newly opened ‘Cluckingham Palace’, where the Maldives’ happiest hens provide the freshest eggs for guests to enjoy for breakfast. 

The day concluded in a unique ‘Zero Waste Menu’ experience curated by Executive Chef Moosa Nazeeh and his team, who were recently awarded ‘Best Culinary Resort’ in the Maldives. Key items from the menu included broccoli & cauliflower stem crudo with dehydrated tomato skins, Hainan chicken rice using crispy chicken skin, or guests could opt for a vegetable peel lasagna. A lemon peel and mint stem sorbet refreshed between courses. Guests also enjoyed a carrot cake made from juice pulp that also featured coconut cream cheese, bread end crisp and carrot jelly. 

“This creative menu is just one of the highlights from the resorts recent Wellness Your Way (WYW) launch on World Food Day,” the resort said. 

Key to this launch was the WYW menus that offer dedicated dishes to cater to variety of different eating lifestyles. The resort’s five restaurants now offer menus dedicated to vegan/vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free and low-carb lifestyles.

Victoria Kruse, Sustainability Advisor said: “In the Maldives, the actions we take daily have an immediate effect on our natural environment. The whole team at JA Manafaru is committed to reducing the island’s carbon footprint as well as educating our guests on being mindful and how we all can take small steps to protecting our planet.”