Niyama Private Islands reopens Nest, the only jungle dining experience in the Maldives

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Nest is once again open to serve at Niyama Private Islands. The restaurant offers Asian cuisine in the midst of wild, indigenous flora. The restaurant comprises tribal thatched-roof huts with a spiral staircase that ascends to a bridge, which leads to a dining platform that is suspended six meters in the air.  

The original design of Nest was conceived in 2013 by Poole Associates and landscape architect, Drew Anderson of TOPO Design. Their vision was of a multi-level treehouse connected by a labyrinth of wooden walkways and bridges that appear and melt back into the trees. 

The new menu consists of flavours of the avant garde by Executive Chef Thierry Vergnault. His dishes combine high-quality ingredients with unique culinary techniques. The rare Asian herbs and spices used for flavouring are derived from the island’s own garden. 

“We are thrilled to unveil the new Nest”, says Hafidh Al Busaidy, General Manager of Niyama Private Islands Maldives. “The reimagined concept, coupled with Chef Thierry Vergnault’s culinary brilliance, promises to take our guest experience to another level, and we invite the adventurous from around the world to come experience the magic of Nest for themselves”.