JA Manafaru invites Dr. Rui Loureiro for a holistic wellness themed Valentine’s special

2 mins read

Internationally acclaimed specialist in Chinese Medicine, Dr. Rui Loureiro, will be gracing JA Manafaru this new year. Dr. Rui will be offering therapeutic wellness treatments to guests from Valentine’s day onwards till 3rd March 2024.

Dr. Rui has an impressive resume, receiving his Bachelors Degree from Chengdu’s University of Chinese Medicine in China and pursuing a postgraduate degree in Cosmetic Acupuncture from CMIR/ACUMEDIC, London and Beijing’s University of Chinese Medicine. 

Famed for his expertise in diagnoses, Dr. Rui has served in hospitals in China and clinics in London and Portugal. At present, he holds the position of the head of the Chinese Medicine Department at St. Louis Hospital in Lisbon and is the Clinical Director of Clinica Cura Pura in Aveiro, Portugal. With over 2 decades of clinical practice, Dr. Rui is a dedicated and lifelong student and researcher of Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Rui offers a comprehensive treatment plan with an epigenetic hair test conducted by a certified laboratory. This  analysis provides insights into various facets of your biochemical profile, encompassing nutrient levels, vitamin concentrations, mineral content, essential amino acids, fatty acid composition, antioxidants and contaminants. Dr. Rui assesses and advises on lifestyle choices along with optimized diets for a healthier lifestyle.

“Along with acupuncture, anti-cellulite treatment and other therapies, the island team is excited to support our guests’ journey into ‘Epigenetics’. Dr. Rui’s extensive expertise can help our guests better understand the natural workings of their bodies through this assessment.” says Rita Gupta, the Director of Spa at JA Manafaru.

“And we can complement his treatment plan by offering the widest range of menus through our ‘Wellness Your Way’ initiative, with menus that cater to a variety of eating lifestyles including vegan/vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy free and low carb. Unique dining experiences are a big part of any Maldivian escape, so we aim to accommodate and support the needs of all our guests during Dr. Rui’s visit and beyond.”