Three places to be this Valentine’s Day

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We thought we’d pick three of our favourites for the year, and believe us, this is not completely random, there is a very human element involved.  

Amilla’s Valentine’s Gift

Amilla has a 3-day programme for this year’s day of love, and they are doing something really cool. The resort is giving a chance to enjoy Valentine’s Day at a later date because of well, COVID, but with all the perks which include: 

Sparkling Portraits – Amilla describes this as an evening with champagne and a canvas to create art.

Romantic beach dinner – which is pretty self-explanatory.

And a choice of bed decoration or a bath ceremony – well, the choice is very clear to us. 

The offer applies to all villa categories.

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Flames of romance at Hideaway

Far up north, Hideaway is definitely a romantic resort, we’ve been there and we’ve experienced the quiet first hand. And of course the villas are gorgeous, the food amazing. 

Anyway, they have a Robinson Crusoe style sandbank offer, where you and your beloved are whisked off to spend the day alone on a real life Maldives sandbank. You will be protected from the elements of course and really, this is not something you’d want to pass up.

They are also offering a romance inspired culinary journey, to be embarked upon in bed or in your private pool.

And lastly, a sunset cruise – nothing like a cruise on a calm sea while the sun bestows its golden grace on the world around. Who can resist this stellar start to what would (hopefully) be a fantastic evening?  

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Feel the love at LUX* North Male Atoll Resort and Villas 

Ah, how we love LUX*. They enjoy shaking things up, giving a twist to the old fare and this time they’ve got:

Romantic dining

Oh man, have you had the food here? It is out of this world. And for this special occasion, they’re offering guests a five-course menu “designed to inspire romance and celebrate love.” Expect meticulously designed food and drink that will blow your socks off.

Wellness journey

Ah, LUX* is offering a real chance to totally relax with your loved one at the LUX* Me Spa, enjoying a special couple treatment while taking in the views of the Indian Ocean. Tell us if that doesn’t spell romance.

A little something special

And here’s a small but cool thing – special coffee and pastry at the coffeeshop. We love LUX* coffee, and can totally vouch for this. And their pastries are as good as the real French counterparts.

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