Kuda Villingili Maldives launches Green Globe Sustainability Initiative

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Kuda Villingili launched a ‘Green Globe Sustainability Initiative’ on Thursday (3 February) to “affirm the resort’s commitment to sustainable tourism.”

Xu Jing, vice chairman of the Global Tourism Economy Research Centre, inaugurated a tree planting event as the chief guest along with Maldives Vice President Faisal Naseem and Tourism Minister Dr Abdulla Mausoom.

“With the launch of this Green  Globe Initiative, we mark another journey, not only for economic success but also for the  social benefits of the people of the Maldives,” said Jing, who was also a former regional director for Asia and the Pacific at UN World Tourism Organisation.

“In an ever-changing world that faces substantial  climate change every day, it becomes essential to have better strategies for sustainable  tourism and a sustainable environment. Everything we do every day must contribute to  the protection of our environment,” Vice President Faisal Naseem advised.

Tourism Minister Mausoom concurred, noting that the Maldives aims to reach net zero emissions by 2030. “I am sure  tourism will be a major player there,” he added.