Jen Maldives rated Muslim-friendly

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The Hotel Jen in Malé by Shangri-La became the first property to be rated Muslim-friendly by the Maldives Halal Travel organisation.

The voluntary rating is awarded after an inspection of the property and an evaluation of food, dress code, privacy, Muslim-friendly amenities, prayer facilities, financial transactions, separate recreational facilities for men and women, and non-halal activities during the fasting month of Ramadan.

“Based on our evaluation, JEN Maldives Malé by Shangri-La scored 5 stars and is now considered as a top-class established with exclusive services for Muslim travellers,” according to Maldives Halal Travel.

Dr Hussain Sunny Umar, the organisation’s founder and managing director, presented a special plaque to Hotel Jen General Manager Brice Lunot. Maldives Halal Travel issued certification and a stamp identifying the hotel as a five-star rated property.

The organisation hopes its Muslim Friendly Travel Rating or MFTR would serve as “a stand-alone accreditation business focused on producing trusted and reliable Muslim-friendly rating results for domestic and international visitors,” which could also be used in marketing material.

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