Villa resorts reduce carbon footprint with rooftop solar

2 mins read

Two Villa resort properties, Sun Island and Paradise Island, recently unveiled rooftop solar panel systems as part of the company’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

The solar panels were installed by Swimsol Maldives, the local subsidiary of a leading European company specialising in offshore photovoltaics.

“Swimsol is very happy and proud to have installed its to date largest solar systems at Sun and Paradise Island, which will jointly save more than 1 million liters of diesel and 2,600 tons of CO2 each year,” said Daniel Reinhardt, Sales and Partner Support Manager of Swimsol. “We are thankful for the great support that we have received throughout the whole process from the resorts´ staff, and look forward to a continued cooperation with Villa to bring renewable energy to all of their properties.” 

According to Villa, the PV system at Sun Island has a capacity of 1,122kWp from over 2,400 panels. The grid is expected to reduce annual diesel consumption by 411,077 litres and cut carbon dioxide emissions by 1,085 tonnes annually, which is the equivalent of the emissions of 868 flights from Malé to London. The energy generated from the renewable source is enough to power 135 villas across the resort daily.

The 2,600 panels at Paradise Island has a capacity of 1196kWp. Together with a buffer battery and a special control system, the PV system supplies the resort with enough electricity for over 150 villas.

The partnership with Swimsol includes maintenance and management as well as continuous optimisation to ensure system performance, according to Villa.

“Sustainability is a way of life at Villa Hotels & Resorts. Developing innovative ways to preserve the environment and achieve carbon neutrality is at the forefront of the company,” the company said. “Reflecting the care for nature, renewable energy production on the islands further affirm the resorts best practices of environmental sustainability in alignment with the prestigious Green-Key certification. Guests are invited to support the resorts sustainable efforts and help the planet by adopting the eco-friendly practices in place, which include only washing linen when required, switching off electricity when not in use, recycling and taking part in beach clean ups held on the islands and nearby sandbanks.”