InterContinental Maldives invites guests on wellness journeys 

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InterContinental Maldives Maamunagau Resort has created a diverse offering of wellness journeys around their visiting practitioners from December to April 2023. 

With an ever-changing roster of visiting practitioners, the resort’s wellness menu is extensive and diverse, answering to different guests’ preferences and needs. 

For this year’s Festive Season and the beginning months of 2023, seven different Wellness Journeys are on offer, inviting guests on a holistic self-healing journey during their stay. From ‘De-Stress’ and mindful ‘Sleep Well’ journeys, more body focussed ‘Detox’ and ‘Metabolism Booster’ programmes, to a muscle relaxing and recovering ‘Sports Athletes’ programme, guests can choose their pace and customise their journeys according to their needs.

Starting from December 2022 until early 2023, wellness practitioners Joao Santos and Rajeshwari Amol Nerukar will be on the island to extend their practices to Maamunagau’s guests. 

Santos focusses on body treatments such as Dry Massages, which is a rather exquisite performance that surpasses traditional massages. He will also be treating guests who choose to book the ‘Metabolism Booster’ or ‘Sports Athletes’ programme. 

Together with resident Fitness Trainer Rohit Vijay Tandel, he will take on guests who look for physical optimisation, body recovery, and mindful grounding.

Nerukar, focussing on the art of healing, bases her treatments on finding calm and peace within, aiming to heal emotional trauma and distress. She offers wellness journeys that focusses on de-stress and better sleep, through a combination of yoga, Ayurveda, sound healing and breathwork.

Sunitha Narayana is the resident Yoga, Reiki Master and Wellness Guru at Maamunagau, and will be one of the driving forces behind the programmes and fusing her yoga flows and breathwork with the visiting practitioners’ ways of wellness. 

“A wellness journey is perceived differently by each individual and while we, the wellness practitioners, can give suggestions and guidance, every guest needs to have the space to find their way to mindfulness and wellbeing”, said Narayana.

“Here at Maamunagau’s AVI Spa, we love to incorporate crystal and sound bowl healing in our treatments. This is of course not for everyone, but I love to introduce my guests to those alternative wellness techniques and be part of their journey to explore their bodies and mind. I am very excited to bring all our synergies together to curate unforgettable and beneficial wellness journeys for our guests and to accompany them on their path to wellness.”

Picking up on the Crystal theme at AVI Spa, visiting practitioner Kanlayanee Marrthuean ‘Jang’ teams up with Sunitha to offer the ‘Crystal Wellness’ Journey, that includes everything from Gemstone Facials, to Chakra Balancing, Reiki and Crystal Sound healing to Crystal Foot Reflexology. 

Jang will be in residence from March to April 2023, offering additional emotional release treatments for the whole body.

For guests who wish to start into the New Year refreshed and renewed, the AVI Spa team has also put together a thoughtful ‘Anti-Ageing’ programme, that encompasses the whole body, including facials and eye treatments. This programme is available throughout the year and can also be customised as required.

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