Celebrate rebirth and renewal this Easter at JOALI BEING

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JOALI BEING, the first wellbeing island retreat of its kind in the Maldives, has created an exciting programme this Easter to offer guests a week of experiences ‘to renew your spirit and revive your light’ and will once again be extending its offering to children for the school holidays.

Throughout the Easter season (6 to 12 April), JOALI BEING offers a range of new activities for the whole family, based around folklore and cherished traditions.

The robin will be used decoratively around the island through feathers, objects and imagery, as a symbol of rebirth, renewal and as a harbinger of spring.

Culinary experiences:

To help create an unforgettable holiday experience for families this Easter, JOALI BEING will be hosting an array of culinary experiences, workshops and classes.

Unique culinary pop-ups will also be available, centred around fireside and grill charcoal cooking, all nourishing and bursting with flavour. Guests may also wish to ease inflammation and revitalise their internal health with Omega-3 rich foods through curated cooking sessions, led by JOALI BEING’s expert nutritionist.

For children, JOALI BEING will be offering a “Young Master Chef” cooking class throughout the Easter period. In these classes, young guests can learn easy culinary techniques, taste new flavours, and explore their creativity in the kitchen. 

Wellbeing experiences and visiting wellbeing practitioners:

To help guests with their approach to wellbeing and skin-cell renewal this Easter, adults can learn to create all-natural skincare products with the use of herbs, flowers, and essential oils. Drawing on the traditional wisdom of apothecaries, JOALI BEING’s herbologists will teach guests how to make an organic facial scrub that supports skin-cell renewal. 

Guided meditation with sound healing instruments is also on offer – these experiences are aimed at helping guests centre their mind and discover a sense of profound calm. 

For something slightly more upbeat, exhilarating dance routine workshops will be available, combining a variety of styles and aimed to instantly lift any mood. 

Outdoor exploration along the Sound Discovery Path is also available for children. Here, young guests can take an inspiring tour through JOALI BEING’s outdoor sound therapy oasis with a resident life coach.

While adults can take advantage of morning yoga at the Ocean Sala, JOALI BEING is also offering complimentary yoga classes for children throughout the day during the Easter period. 

The resort will also welcome expert visiting practitioners this Easter, specialising in transformative healing, natural healing, sound healing and more. The practitioners will help guests to take their wellbeing journeys to a new level, bringing them closer to experiencing the joy of weightlessness. 

The following visiting practitioners will be at JOALI BEING during the Easter period: 

Dr. Tara Swart Bieber – Dr. Tara Swart Bieber is a globally renowned PhD neuroscientist, Oxford University-trained medical doctor, professor at MIT Sloan, executive advisor and bestselling author on science and spirituality. Swart Bieber invites guests to maximise their stays by embarking on immersive experiences that will ready them to better re-engage with their everyday lives with renewed resilience and enable visitors to make better decisions and to think more clearly.

Javier De Prado Lizano – A master of craniosacral and Watsu therapies, as well as visceral manipulation and Osteothai techniques, De Prado Lizano will be inviting guests to experience a seamless merging of Eastern and Western healing traditions. De Prado Lizano’s transformative healing experiences include craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, Osteothai sessions, and Watsu.

Alexandra Demolling – An experienced naturopath and iridologist, Demolling will guide guests on a holistic pathway to mind and body balance using herbal and vibrational remedies to treat issues such as stress, inflammation, and food intolerances.

Active experiences and educational conservation talks:

Adults and children alike can join a dolphin cruise, to marvel at the azure lagoons and magical sunsets, whilst pods of spinner and bottleneck dolphins leap around the boat.

JOALI BEING will also be offering snorkelling trips to both adults and children, led by the retreat’s resident Marine Biologist. SEABOB snorkelling will be available to adults, involving the world’s most advanced underwater scooter; and turtle snorkelling trips will be available to children to learn about the iconic creatures in their natural underwater habitat. Conservation and marine talks will also be led by JOALI BEING’s Resident Marine Biologist. 

Other activities will also enable adults to explore the surrounding crystal-clear waters. These include the beloved Maldivian pastime of traditional sunset fishing, and parasailing. Parasailing at JOALI BEING is an experience like no other. Guests can observe spectacular views of the Gate of Zero, the Ocean Sala and the Island of Wellbeing from a completely new perspective.