Noo Raajje releases short film to celebrate tradition of Blue Economy in Maldives 

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Noo Raajje has released a short documentary film, entitled ‘Our Ocean: Basis for Blue Economy.’ The film features local leaders in fisheries, tourism, marine protection, renewable energy, innovation, as well as communities that are working for a more sustainable ocean future. 

The film brings together a diverse group of stakeholders rallying behind a collective vision: a thriving future for the Maldives that prioritises marine protection, food security, sustainable tourism and climate change resilience. 

The film delves into the significance of a ‘Blue Economy’, showcasing the interdependence of sectors like fishing and tourism with thriving oceans. Viewers will also learn about new and innovative technologies that the Maldives is exploring to drive sustainable development and climate change resilience: “by blending traditional practices with new technologies, the Maldives has the potential to become the world’s first Smart Ocean State.” 

The term ‘Blue Economy’ refers to the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods, jobs, and improved ocean ecosystems. The Blue Economy encompasses sectors such as fisheries, tourism, marine transport, waste management and climate change mitigation and adaptation. 

“We cannot understate the importance of resilient and healthy oceans in developing our Blue Economy,” said Fathimath Nistharan, Noo Rajje Site Manager. 

“In one way or another, almost all Maldivian livelihoods are connected to the oceans, and will be severely affected if our ocean health deteriorates. Our future prosperity depends on marine protection and innovation.” 

The film celebrates Maldives’ efforts towards building a Blue Economy through its strides in sustainable fisheries, sustainable tourism and in using marine protected areas as a resource to benefit economies, communities, and environments. The tourism and fisheries sectors depend on a healthy ocean to survive. 

Ahmed Ameez, Noo Raajje Engagement Officer from Rasdhoo Island, explains in the film that the Blue Economy is not a new concept to Maldivians, “When you hear the words Blue Economy you might think it’s very complicated. The way I see it, we practice Blue Economy already. Our fisheries are sustainable, divers on this reef are earning an income as visitors come to experience a healthy ecosystem. Blue Economy is already in our culture.” 

‘Our Ocean: Basis for Blue Economy’ premiered at the Coral Festival 2023 held in Hithadhoo in April. Over the coming weeks, the film will be screened on local media. The full film can also be found on Noo Raajje’s channels and at