ICF to host masterclass on ‘Future Landscape of Coaching’ 

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World of Tomorrow is collaborating with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) to debut its masterclass series. The first installment, to be held from 23 to 25 October at Villa Nautica, will provide a unique opportunity for professionals to immerse themselves in a transformative experience. 

“In an era defined by dynamic corporate environments and rapid technological progress, World of Tomorrow aims to leave an indelible impression as it prepares to launch its debut event series. This initiative comprises a collection of masterclasses, presented in collaboration with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Crafted with precision, this unique opportunity is meticulously tailored for professionals hailing from diverse backgrounds within both the public and private sectors,” World of Tomorrow said.

“These masterclasses will be an opportunity to gain a competitive edge, enhance leadership skills, and adapt to the evolving landscape. Professionals from diverse backgrounds in both the public and private sectors are encouraged to embark on this remarkable voyage into the future of leadership – a future marked by knowledge, innovation, and forward thinking.”

At its heart is Robert Garcia, the Vice President of ICF, who is responsible for leading ICF’s business unit dedicated to enabling global organisations to build coaching capabilities and develop strong coaching cultures. With a wealth of experience spanning business, human resource management, sales, operations, leadership consulting, and diversity, Garcia is a seasoned professional committed to securing customer loyalty and implementing innovative strategies to enhance productivity. His established business relationships in over 50 countries underscore his global perspective.

But what exactly is coaching in this context, and what can professionals from various sectors expect from this event series? Coaching, in the context of the future landscape, is not just about traditional mentorship. It is about embracing change, seizing growth opportunities, and reimagining leadership in an ever-evolving business and government environment.

During this masterclass series, Robert Garcia will delve into “The Future Landscape of Coaching in Organisations.” This insightful discussion will highlight the evolving landscape of coaching in organisations and emphasise the importance of aligning strategic goals with a strong organisational culture. 

Attendees will gain valuable insights into recognising coaching’s pivotal role in business and talent management, as well as how to measure its impact on sustainable results. Furthermore, the masterclasses will explore how coaching can foster innovation, boost productivity, and enhance engagement within organisations.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the world’s largest organisation leading the global advancement of the coaching profession and fostering coaching’s role as an integral part of a thriving society. Founded in 1995, its 60,000-plus members located in more than 170 countries and territories work toward common goals of enhancing awareness of coaching and upholding the integrity of the profession through lifelong learning and upholding the highest ethical standards. Through the work of its six unique family organisations, ICF empowers professional coaches, coaching clients, organisations, communities, and the world through coaching.

World of Tomorrow envisions a world where cutting-edge knowledge and transformative innovation shape tomorrow’s leaders. The upcoming event at Villa Nautica marks the beginning of their commitment to hosting a series of conferences in the future, covering topics such as Organisational Restructuring, Corporate Governance, Emerging Technologies, and more, paving the way for a brighter, more innovative future.

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